Our business philosophy is simple: we aim to provide you with the best product at the most competitive price with a smile. Quality service and client satisfaction is our highest priority. We utilize the most up-to-date cutting-edge software on the market (ArchiCAD, by Graphisoft) to accomplish this end. I back this with 23 years experience in the construction industry and seven years of CAD experience.

Our pricing for custom design work as described in phase one and two is estimated on a square foot basis. Phase one is figured at 75 cents per square foot; Phase two then costs 75 cents per square foot. In order to give you the very best in price and service I charge on an hourly basis not on a square foot basis. I have found that many of my clients have already done much of the design work themselves and all they need is to organize it and present it in a professional manner for their building permit.

To begin a project, I calculate your total estimated square footage. I present you with a written proposal, which is our basic contract for proceeding. In this contract I propose the scope of the work done and specify the estimated amounts to be paid. Our contract begins after you sign the proposal and send along a deposit: typically, $1,000. This is your retainer which shows me you are serious and guarantees you a place in line. If you are not satisfied in the beginning or need to postpone the project for a while, I will refund your retainer minus any hours spent toward your project.

Some clients only need Phase One for now and carry on the work of Phase two at a later date. Since we are working according to accrued hours you can stop at any point.

My clients have found this system to be a very convenient and amicable procedure: I know you do also. I have always be very close and often under my estimates.

Best Regards,
Rick Taron.

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