Phase two is also called the Construction Document stage. For me this is just about the halfway point in our contract. We have firmed up the design and now it needs to be put into builder language. I will then add to the preliminary plans:

  • Site plan,
  • vicinity map,
  • table of contents,
  • two or three perspective views for the title page
  • permanent and accurate dimensions to the floor plans
  • elevations calling out specific materials
  • the foundation plan with details
  • the sub-floor framing plan with details
  • the second floor framing plan with details
  • the roof plan with details
  • the sections with details
  • two 3d views of the timber framework
  • window and door schedule with details
  • electrical plan

A great deal of effort goes into this phase to make it readable and consistent in it's format. We want you to receive a few compliments by the building officials and planing department on such a thorough and professional plan. You generally need all the help you can get with the planing department bureaucrats.

Normally your plans will need to be stamped be a licensed structural engineer in your state, sometimes not. If this is required, I send a copy of the plans to the engineer, he reviews it, redlines it if necessary. Then I make the necessary changes and print two or three sets. They go back to the engineer for a "wet signature" and then they get sent to you. The engineer sometimes requires the third one for his records. You then can make as many copies as you like from the stamped copies. The "wet signature" copies will go the planing department. If the plans' examiner needs extra details or clarification, I will provide it as a part of my service.

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